Accidental Art is a wide-eyed, light-hearted look at the ephemeral art that surrounds us all the time. Most of the photos I took while working at various art museums, some I took while out and about. None of the pieces depicted were intended to be appreciated as art.

Accidental Art is available as a 7×7″ hardcover for $25 postpaid. You can pay via PayPal, or write me a check – email me for details on that.

What is real and what is not? Who is loyal, who can be trusted, and what is there to even be loyal to? Enter the world of Trump Noir, where alternative facts are the norm.

Trump Noir is available in two sizes, 7×7″ for $25 postpaid, and 8×10″ for $35 postpaid. The charming and precious small version is handy to carry in your purse, glove compartment, safe deposit box, etc. The large version is suitable for your coffee table. You can pay via PayPal


or VenMo Andrew-Davis-134 (VenMo can also can be accessed through PayPal, according to my sources in the Dark Web).

You can view rough cuts from Trump Noir and Accidental Art on my instagram  and Facebook.