How it feels to be a “staff pick” at Book Soup

How does it feel to be a “staff pick” at Book Soup? Pretty good.

Whenever I’d visit this legendary independent bookstore on the Sunset Strip, I’d linger over the staff picks one finds throughout the store: those witty, incisive handwritten cards that would single out particular titles for special attention.

When they agreed to stock Trump Noir, I had no idea the book would join the ranks of staff picks! On my last visit though, I saw that it has. And I am honored. Call it another landmark in a long, ephemeral career.

If you live in Los Angeles, I encourage you to buy your copy at Book Soup and support independent bookstores. If you live in the rest of the world, you can buy it here on my site! On the “Trump Noir” page, naturally.

Trump Noir at Book Soup

Here is my book, Trump Noir, in very good company at Book Soup in West Hollywood, on the legendary Sunset Strip! Also a bit of my left foot there, I believe. The book is $25 a copy.

Support independent bookstores! I’ve been selling these, and continue to do so, through my this website, via PayPal and VenMo. If you live in the LA area, and want to buy Trump Noir, I encourage you to buy it through Book Soup.