Tlayuda LA

I’ve always wanted to decorate a restaurant – and now, alongside my darling bride, I have!!!

Summer 2015, our friends Laura and Ana opened Tlayuda LA in beautiful glamorous Hollywood. They approached us to do the art for the place, which included developing a logo for the signage, the letterhead, and the trash cans. And paintings. Many paintings and drawings for the interior. Of course, we were happy to oblige.

Over the months, this arrangement has led to an ongoing series of murals, including my ever-evolving Tlayudapendence Day, featuring a giant tlayuda hovering over the ┬áLos Angeles basin. In homage to childhood heroes like Richard Scarry and Sergio Aragones, I am slowly cramming this painting with as many delightful details as will fit. Each time I visit, I take a couple hours to add a celebrity home, a civic landmark, a big box store, a freeway overpass, or any other detail that’s needed. It’s a mural of a thousand Easter eggs. It’s a project that never has to end.

Getting meals in exchange for artwork has long been a career benchmark of mine, second only to comped dental work as a sign that one is a Serious Working Artist. I am fortunate to have friends who are cranking out such delicious food as this. And the restaurant is a hit. The results are in, the people have spoken.

Tlayuda LA is at 5450 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles, CA 90029. Come for the art. Stay for the food.